In 1962, a small fire in a city of Pennsylvania called Centralia caught up with an exposed vein of anthracite coal located underground. The flames on the surface were extinguished, but the coal under the town continued to burn for many years, and in 1984 the fire forced people who lived there to evacuate the city. Currently, this town is an abandoned and deserted place, and the fire which is still burning beneath the town, has enough coal to feed it for other 250 years more. 
Nuclear Blast Records: Properly support Wintersun in allowing them to complete Time II


WINTERSUN FANS! Please take only a couple of minutes of your time to sign this petition to try and get Nuclear Blast Records to give proper support to Wintersun to help finish and release TIME II. We’ve been waiting for the second half of Time for a while now and I do believe that this can help it be released sooner from what Jari has stated on Wintersun’s facebook page. Thank you all who sign this and share this!

"Reality Update About Crowd Funding, TIME II And Future Albums"


"I´m very happy to see that we have so much dedicated fans that would be willing to pledge and be a part of funding a studio for Wintersun, so I could make the next Wintersun album without it taking another 10 years again.

I´ve been thinking about this…


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Abandoned castle by Natascha Mattens on Flickr.